My Week 163: Drama at the Dentist, Titus Has a Hallowe’en Surprise For Us

MDB, you are persistent with your humor and sharing with others. Thank you once again for the glimpse inside your crazy mind. Selling Rodan&Fields skin care now. My email. Let’s talk. It want hurt 😞 and no laughing gas necessary ‼️🦋🎉😜💫 Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers during my difficult time! Getting better every day! 🦋✝️


I’ve never had a problem going to the dentist. I mean, like most people, I don’t enjoy having someone else’s hands in my mouth (already I can hear the voices saying “Speak for yourself”—this is a PG site, so back off), but I’m not petrified, and I don’t avoid going like some people. In my previous workplace, we had a great dental plan, but there were so many people with really awful teeth that it seemed like a lot of people avoided the dentist like the plague, which is the time period when, I believe, that dentists were invented and were used mostly for implanting dead peoples’ teeth into rich peoples’ mouths. I used to work with a guy who was so scared of the dentist that he had to have laughing gas just for a cleaning. I had laughing gas only once, when I had my wisdom teeth out…

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The Ballgame 

On a clear Saturday morning, near ten o’clock, Trevor’s team, lined up to p-lay baseball ⚾️❗️His cousin Parker, brother Weston, his dad, granny, and pappy were there to encourage him on! His mom, a nurse, had to work, so that kept her from attending the game.

Trevor plays with the five and six year old group.  His position is left field or third base. Of course, his favorite part of the game is batting. There is another team, the visitors, playing against the home team. Scores for both teams are kept and at the end of the baseball game the umpire calls, “Ballgame!” Also, girls play as teammates!

As his family cheered him and his team on, the Sun started getting really hot. Parker, had to get a lot of sunscreen put on him because he is just fifteen months old and the Sun was making his skin turn red. Granny felt it necessary for him, Parker, to have his head covered. He, Parker, was so cute. Weston’s dad said he, Weston, would be fine for a few minutes. The teammates were okay. Pappy thought the boys were fine, also. Granny and Dad agreed, it would be nice for a little while! But, if we stayed longer, we would all put sunscreen on. We must be careful in the hot Sun ☀️❗️

As the baseball game continues, Trevor made a couple of base hits, and got about three RBI’s. That means, run batted in. You must be on one of three bases and one of the teammates hits the baseball far enough for the runner’s on the base, to begin running to the next base and keeps running until the teammate(s), run all the way home! Parker and Weston were rooting for Trevor to run fast and he did! 

Ballgame,” shouted the umpire! This means the game is over, both teams line up and congratulate each other. Whether your team wins the game or your team looses the game! Good sportsmanship, that is what congratulating each other means! Good game buddy‼️⚾️

May I Give

As I sloughed through various blogs, I realized certain bloggers added an emotional response from my dry block.  While all of the writers evoke responses and capture my admiration, I tender your bravery and due diligence.

Maybe I like to chuckle as opposed to a small hmm!  Meaning, ‘I wonder if the tables were turned, would they be chuckling at me?’

One certain rendition delighted my block or where I want to be in this process of writing. ‘Just be yourself, tell your passion.’

Also, during the studying of the valuable lessons my site offers an email popped up from a mentor with the same scenario that I was discussing within myself. I would like to share this, “…don’t worry about stats, how many views, or likes.  Just keep binders on and stay focused, write.”*1

My passion, life!  Some things I down right get sick to my stomach with and some things make me laugh 😂! A lot!  Jim(hub)and I will laugh together about minute (mi’-noot), events.  He can laugh so jolly it is infectious!  Even at a whisper from one of the grandchildren, and poor soul, can’t hear hardly anything!  Grandchildren, now that is a whole other story.

So, may I give, for the record today, I choose to keep my writing skills walking a straight line and without to many worthless distractions, Laugh, laugh,  and my desire to write! While I can.  The choice is mine.

*1Ruth Soukup (author, EBA, Blogger):viaDailyPrompt




With all my fortunate ailments, seems cray 😜, yes, I am aware of this, kindling a desire that leads me to the this world called, writing!  Oh, how I love it 😍!  Also, I am for hire with this desire…within proper guidelines.


Well, well, well. A post about something I know nothing about. Yikes, let’s see now, well there was a time, no, no…not that story. Hang in there I am getting to it, yeah now I have it. It all started down at the roller rink when that #*!&, nope best not talk about that either! Hesitate. Boy, hmm that’s a good one to discuss or elaborate on! Just can’t believe I am in the corner!!!



When I was young mother, late twenties and early thirties and with my girls only twenty one months apart, I thought life at that time would never end.  It was like taking care of twins.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my sweet babies.  My life, like most parents, revolved around those precious girls.  I would not have it any other way.  Then the teenage years came and went like a Cat five, slooow moving hurricane.  That kicked my ever loving mother’s rectum and butt!  Next, it was graduation. One in 2008 and one in 2009.  Boyfriends. A whole other story. College and more money. Today ’08 is a RN.  ’09 is a teacher.  Weddings! More money.  Then the empty nest syndrome hit me hard.  I cried for a year and longer.  Oh what I would do to have them back in my arms.  The years of all the upheavals, praying for Jesus to make a financial way, provide this and that.  Soon I realized through many tears the arid heart of a yearning mother, was preparing them for the day I would not be around to kiss boo-boos, or make whatever situation…right.  Today, I have a handsome step-son, and two beautiful daughters!  How blessed I am.  But I must say, one of my sweetest rewards is being a grandmother of five wild grandchildren!  Hint the pics.  Count them, four boys and ONE girl!  My arid heart has ‘the need to be needed ‘ again.