The Ballgame 

On a clear Saturday morning, near ten o’clock, Trevor’s team, lined up to p-lay baseball ⚾️❗️His cousin Parker, brother Weston, his dad, granny, and pappy were there to encourage him on! His mom, a nurse, had to work, so that kept her from attending the game.

Trevor plays with the five and six year old group.  His position is left field or third base. Of course, his favorite part of the game is batting. There is another team, the visitors, playing against the home team. Scores for both teams are kept and at the end of the baseball game the umpire calls, “Ballgame!” Also, girls play as teammates!

As his family cheered him and his team on, the Sun started getting really hot. Parker, had to get a lot of sunscreen put on him because he is just fifteen months old and the Sun was making his skin turn red. Granny felt it necessary for him, Parker, to have his head covered. He, Parker, was so cute. Weston’s dad said he, Weston, would be fine for a few minutes. The teammates were okay. Pappy thought the boys were fine, also. Granny and Dad agreed, it would be nice for a little while! But, if we stayed longer, we would all put sunscreen on. We must be careful in the hot Sun ☀️❗️

As the baseball game continues, Trevor made a couple of base hits, and got about three RBI’s. That means, run batted in. You must be on one of three bases and one of the teammates hits the baseball far enough for the runner’s on the base, to begin running to the next base and keeps running until the teammate(s), run all the way home! Parker and Weston were rooting for Trevor to run fast and he did! 

Ballgame,” shouted the umpire! This means the game is over, both teams line up and congratulate each other. Whether your team wins the game or your team looses the game! Good sportsmanship, that is what congratulating each other means! Good game buddy‼️⚾️

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