May I Give

As I sloughed through various blogs, I realized certain bloggers added an emotional response from my dry block.  While all of the writers evoke responses and capture my admiration, I tender your bravery and due diligence.

Maybe I like to chuckle as opposed to a small hmm!  Meaning, ‘I wonder if the tables were turned, would they be chuckling at me?’

One certain rendition delighted my block or where I want to be in this process of writing. ‘Just be yourself, tell your passion.’

Also, during the studying of the valuable lessons my site offers an email popped up from a mentor with the same scenario that I was discussing within myself. I would like to share this, “…don’t worry about stats, how many views, or likes.  Just keep binders on and stay focused, write.”*1

My passion, life!  Some things I down right get sick to my stomach with and some things make me laugh 😂! A lot!  Jim(hub)and I will laugh together about minute (mi’-noot), events.  He can laugh so jolly it is infectious!  Even at a whisper from one of the grandchildren, and poor soul, can’t hear hardly anything!  Grandchildren, now that is a whole other story.

So, may I give, for the record today, I choose to keep my writing skills walking a straight line and without to many worthless distractions, Laugh, laugh,  and my desire to write! While I can.  The choice is mine.

*1Ruth Soukup (author, EBA, Blogger):viaDailyPrompt



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