When I was young mother, late twenties and early thirties and with my girls only twenty one months apart, I thought life at that time would never end.  It was like taking care of twins.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my sweet babies.  My life, like most parents, revolved around those precious girls.  I would not have it any other way.  Then the teenage years came and went like a Cat five, slooow moving hurricane.  That kicked my ever loving mother’s rectum and butt!  Next, it was graduation. One in 2008 and one in 2009.  Boyfriends. A whole other story. College and more money. Today ’08 is a RN.  ’09 is a teacher.  Weddings! More money.  Then the empty nest syndrome hit me hard.  I cried for a year and longer.  Oh what I would do to have them back in my arms.  The years of all the upheavals, praying for Jesus to make a financial way, provide this and that.  Soon I realized through many tears the arid heart of a yearning mother, was preparing them for the day I would not be around to kiss boo-boos, or make whatever situation…right.  Today, I have a handsome step-son, and two beautiful daughters!  How blessed I am.  But I must say, one of my sweetest rewards is being a grandmother of five wild grandchildren!  Hint the pics.  Count them, four boys and ONE girl!  My arid heart has ‘the need to be needed ‘ again. 

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